Education through Ecological Restoration – Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture

Summer 2021 Institute Information

Summer 2021 IAS Institutes

Virtual institutes provide professional development to engage educators in ecological restoration and water stewardship rooted in Indigenous Knowledge! Participants will experience a blend of virtual learning and hands-on outdoor activities that deepen knowledge of ecology, restoration, and traditional skills.

Registration is open for Inter-Tribal IAS and Urban IAS. Join us for one or both institutes!

Daily course structure:

Inter-Tribal IAS: June 28-July 2 (M-F) 9AM – 12PM, Urban IAS: July 6-July 9 (T-F) 8:30AM – 12:15PM: Online synchronous learning

Afternoon/evenings: Hands-on, outdoor learning on your own time.

Participants will: share activity experiences, engage in discussion forums, and get support and ideas from your colleagues and facilitators.


Participant Expectations:

1. Fully participate in the online institute each day (morning synchronous instruction, complete afternoon/evening individual activities and discussion posts).

2. Complete a reflective writing assignment and project action plan, and virtually meet with an EP instructor to discuss the action plan (due within three weeks after the end of the institute. Submit via Google Classroom.)

3. Participate in a one-day school-year follow-up meeting (date TBD).


There is NO FEE for either Inter-Tribal IAS or Urban IAS, unless you seek UW-Madison credit. 

Three credits are available for participation from the UW-Madison Department of Curriculum & Instruction. Tuition is covered by a grant for non-UW-Madison degree-seeking students. Although tuition is covered, a $200 registration fee applies. Credits can only be received for ONE institute during the Summer 2021 term. For more information on this option, email us at

*NOTE about Wisconsin Act 31 License Stipulation

This training ONLY meets statutory license stipulations for “Wisconsin American Indian Tribes and Bands”, which is often referenced as Wisconsin Act 31. Please note that Indigenous Arts and Sciences (IAS) and Urban Summer 2021 Session IAS Session I and/or IAS Session II will meet the licensure stipulation if you complete the ENTIRE institute (by attending each daily course meeting and completing all assigned session activities and assignments). In addition to these requirements above from the institute, you will be required to complete two additional follow-up assignments that will be provided by David O’Connor, American Indian Studies Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). These assignments will be provided only upon confirmation of completion of the IAS institute and our requirements. For those seeking to address other statutory license stipulations, please visit the DPI Educator Preparation and Licensing – Statutory License Stipulation.