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Earth Partnership - Nicaragua

Global Earth Partnership

Earth Partnership is growing throughout the state, nation, and internationally. The EP Global network includes Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Ecuador. Global Earth Partnership promotes collaboration between educators and communities by engaging youth and families in culturally-based ecological restoration. Periodically, Global Earth Partnership international internships and service learning courses are offered in conjunction with the UW-Madison Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture.


School teams in Granada and a rural school in Nandasmo currently practice school ground ecological restoration with an emphasis on watershed health. Community partners include the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education, the Municipal Botanic Garden of Granada, Rubi Nicaragua (Nicaragua Summer Exchange), the Castillo-Lopez Farm in Pio XII, Arboretum Nacional of Managua, Jardín Botánico de la Universidad de León, Reserva Natura, FUNDENICSOS (Fundación Nicaraguense Para El Desarrollo Sostenible – Nicaraguan Foundation for Sustainable Development), Hotel con Corazon, Environmental Unit of the Tisma mayor’s office, Pio XII Committee of Community Leaders in Nandasmo, and Wisconsin-Nicaragua Partners.


Ecuadorian teachers and school children, UW-Madison students, and Madison area teachers participate in EP workshops receiving global perspectives in the environmental education and forest restoration. In partnership with the Ceiba Foundation, EP Global supports the foundation’s long-term conservation goals by increasing knowledge of Ecuador’s rich biodiversity and capacity to sustainably use natural resources.

Video by Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation, a partner in Earth Partnership – Ecuador

Dominican Republic

Earth Partnership was selected from a list of possible programs to address problems of deforestation, soil degradation, flooding, and climate change impacts in the Yaque del Norte watershed, the largest watershed in the Caribbean. Working with the Escuela Nacional del Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales de Jarabacoa (ENJ), EP offers training programs engaging teachers, students, university staff and students, government officials, and community members in watershed and ecological restoration.


Earth Partnership in collaborating with UW-Madison’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, Global Health Institute, School of Education, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, School of Human Ecology, and Latin America Caribbean Iberian Studies in partnership with University of Guadalajara in a “Connecting Landscape in the Greater Guadalajara Socio-Ecological Ecosystem” project to bring LEP to Mexico.


Video by Prepa 15 high school students in Guadalajara sharing their experiences with environmental education!