Education through Ecological Restoration – Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture
Institute participants studying plants


Earth Partnership Institutes

Professional Development in Restoration Education 

At an EP Institute you will discover how restoring native ecosystems:

  • Invigorate schools and communities with interdisciplinary learning experiences and citizen science approaches for all ages.
  • Enhance community awareness, skills, and knowledge of stewardship actions that enhance biodiversity and prevent pollution.
  • Connect youth to culture and place while teaching ecological and environmental issues and solutions.
  • Inspire students to develop a personal understanding of their relationship with others and the natural world.

Each institute is place-based and responsive to the community and culture. Graduate-level credits are available through the UW–Madison Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Institutes Updates

Institute dialogue in Mexico

Before the Institute

  • Community dialogue informs instructional content, and partners create collaborative teams.
Ecosystem studies in forest

During the Institute 

  • Teams learn about local ecosystems and explore strategies for restoring biodiversity, promoting sustainable landscapes, and preserving a sense of place.
  • Teams develop action plans to engage youth and community in planning and implementing school and neighborhood restorations.
Middle school planting

After the Institute 

  • EP offers continued learning opportunities, resources, and on-site consultation.
  • Teams guide youth and communities in developing stewardship and monitoring projects.
  • Partners stay connected and share stories, knowledge, and research from their restorations.