Education through Ecological Restoration – Department of Planning and Landscape Architecture

Claire Bjork

Position title: Earth Partnership Outreach Specialist


Claire has worked for Earth Partnership since 2013, with a variety of roles including teaching an undergraduate service learning course focused on culturally responsive environmental education, curriculum development, and facilitating professional development for school and community educators. Claire completed her PhD at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, where her research centered on creating an interfaith restoration education community of practice in collaboration with Holy Wisdom Monastery. She has contributed to multiple Earth Partnership curriculum guides and has most recently been a lead editor of the Earth Partnership Pollinator Habitat Curriculum Guide (2017), with which she has led outreach efforts and training for educators in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Claire collaboratively facilitates Indigenous Arts and Sciences educator, youth, and community learning initiatives with all IAS-partnering Native Nations. She lives in the St. Croix River Valley with her family.