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A Waterdrop Journey in LDF

Bear RIver flowage, bend shown as participants stand in foreground

“My journey as a waterdrop begins in the life of a young robin, too young to fly and fallen from the nest – easy prey to a fortunate coyote looking for his next meal. Not long after, I am scat upon the earth and break free into the soil particles. Beneath the surface I am filtered and cleansed and see the light again, as I make my way down the river to a deer wading into it for a drink. Again I find myself in a puddle upon the earth, longing for something more. With the midday sun overhead, I rise towards the clouds, finally able to fly.”

Waterdrop Journey story imagined by Ed, LDF Natural Resources intern and Indigenous Arts and Sciences participant. From this summer’s Lac du Flambeau IAS institute! 

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